Women In Sport in Yan Yean

By Lauren Kathage MP

01 August 2023

Lauren speaks to the Victorian Parliament on some of the triumphs of women in sport in Yan Yean.


Lauren Kathage (17:02): Like many households across Australia, we were glued to the soccer last night, watching that fabulous team of female role models just absolutely ace the game as amazing sportspeople. I was so happy, when my three-year-old woke up, to tell her that the ‘da-das’ had won, and she was very happy too.

It is so important that women are involved in sport. At a recent visit to Hazel Glen College I spoke to the female school leaders and asked them which of them play sport – and I tell you, it was not all of them; it was not even most of them. It is so important that we invest in sports facilities so that young women continue to play sport throughout their lives, for all of the benefits that it can bring to them.

I did meet a new netball team in Doreen last week. It was the Doreen Saints, which is a new netball team that started at St Paul the Apostle school – their first ever team, and they are improving with every game. Well done to them. The ‘Saints’ name I think also extends to their principal there Phil Doherty, a saint who taught my husband in school. That is why I know he is a saint.

I also dropped in on the Mernda Netball Club for their first aid training supported by this government, making sure that sport is fun and safe for the women of Victoria.