Upper Plenty Primary School

16 May 2023

Lauren KATHAGE (Yan Yean) (13:30)

Mernda Primary School and Upper Plenty Primary School epitomise the theme of Education Week – active learners: move, make, motivate. At Upper Plenty Primary School last week, I was given a school tour by school captains Ruby and Lachlan, who were deeply impressive people. I was there representing the Minister for Education for the official opening of their inclusive play space, which is a total hit with the students and remarked upon by the teachers as providing a quiet space for students when needed.

At Mernda Primary School I was deeply impressed by the creativity and compassion of principal Janet Hamer, staff, students and teachers. This school has used ingenuity to create a green screen production space, where they make all manner of fun projects. The life-sized astronaut in the garden symbolises, for me, this school – it is creative and imaginative, and it reaches for the stars.

There are little stars all over the district of Yan Yean. I have received many entries in my Big Bridge Build competition, which is celebrating the new bridge being installed over Plenty River this weekend as part of the Bridge Inn Road upgrade.