Laurimar Primary School's Strive Program

By Lauren Kathage MP

15 May 2024

Lauren Kathage MP speaks in parliament about her recent visit to Laurimar Primary School, where she learned about their strive program.

Lauren Kathage MP (10:10am)


‘If a child can’t learn the way we teach, we should teach the way they learn.’

That saying is proudly displayed on the window at Laurimar Primary School, and I was there last week with Nikki Elliott, who leads the inclusion team.

What a fantastic team they have there of over 30 education support workers running the strive program, providing language programs and social skills programs for the students of Laurimar Primary School.

They are absolutely setting the pace for what schools can be, and with the government’s disability inclusion program rolling out we know that they will only get stronger.

So a very big congratulations to Nikki and the team there for what they are doing.